Die forgings

We are able to produce steel die forgings of the most challenging designs with complex dividing plane in different categories from 0.1 kg to 50 kg of all usual steel grades in the highest quality of processing.

Limit combination of dimensions or the great complexity of the dividing plane and design, requires our individual assessment of manufacturability. Materials - structural, carbon, alloy, microalloyed ,stainless steel according to ČSN, EN, DIN, IASI and specific customer requirements.

We offer the production of small, medium and large series, as well as the production of prototypes that we provide with 3D technology.


Forging of die forgings

We use forging lines with crank forging presses to produce steel die forgings.

Forging lines have induction heatings with precise regulation and sorters of overheated or unheated pieces. The forge is equipped with many forging lines.

Heat treatment

Continuous heat treatment lines are used in the production of die forgings.

We also have hardening shop where we apply the right heat treatment for your parts.

  • normalizing
  • quenching and tempering of steel
  • controlled cooling from forging temperature – BY annealing
  • isothermal annealing
  • softening
  • solution annealing
  • stress relief annealing

Certification, quality management system

All our production processes are certified. We care about the highest quality of processing and consistent quality control for all our products.

We have a quality system with all the modern methods for checking the quality of the entire production process, from purchasing material through continuous production control to final inspection before shipment.

  • certificate of quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008
  • certificate of quality management system according to TS 16949: 2009
  • certificate of quality management system according to VDA 6.1: 2010
  • certificate of enviroment management system according ISO 14001: 2004

In an effort to provide for our customers technically perfect product, we are working with a minimal defect strategy.

Surface treatment forgings

We offer the following operations of forgings by the surface treatment :

  • non-destructive tests – checking for surface defects – flux
  • calibration and cold punching of dies using toggle press
  • galvanizing
  • varnishing of forgings

If requested by customers, we can also carry out a 100% check for surface defects using a magnetic flux machine. We also have our own 3D measuring facility.

Machining of forgings

We have all the conventional technologies for machining forgings.

Our range of services includes machining of steel die forgings, especially milling and turning operations on CNC machines.

Depending on customer requirements, we can also offer co-operation with other factories.

Expedition of forgings

We provide transportation of forgings in packages according to the customer's specification, we use wooden boxes or plastic pallets, gitterboxes, including the required accompanying documentation. We ship the goods according to Incoterms 2017 (FCA, DAP or EXW .)

We design and produce die forgings and castings of the highest quality materials for world-class companies

We mainly supply to the following industries:


EN ISO 9001:2009

ISO 9002:1994



Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas certificate under BV Mode II for shipbuilding production and deliveries for shipbuilding under the BV Rules

ISO/TS 16949:2009

Kovstar puts great emphasis on maintaining and developing a quality management system to ensure the high quality of all supplied castings.

We have a certified quality management system for the production process according to EN ISO 9001:2009 for continuous improvement of the quality of our products.

We build an outstanding Czech reputation of Forging and Foundry industry worldwide.

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